Winter Sensory Bins for Toddlers and Preschoolers

If you’ve been following us for awhile you know we love a good sensory bin around here!

If you’re new here, welcome and you should make a sensory bin with us!

Sensory bins are great for several reasons.

  • They are inexpensive to make.
  • You can set them up easily using items from your kitchen.
  • They hold your toddler’s attention span longer than most things.

Sensory bins help toddlers practice important developmentally appropriate skills such as

  • fine and gross motor skills
  • problem solving and critical thinking
  • hand-eye coordination
  • cause-and-effect relationships

Just to name a few!

But let’s be real, the best part about sensory bins is how easy they make your life.

  • Need to avoid an impending meltdown?
  • Want a quick minute to yourself?
  • Trying to avoid another episode of Mickey Mouse?

Pull out one of your trusty sensory bins and let your toddler go to town.

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20 Awesome Winter Sensory Bins

Adult supervision is required for all activities on this website. Some materials may pose a choking hazard. Use good judgement when selecting activities – nobody knows your child better than you!

1. Fake Snow Sensory Play from The Best Ideas for Kids

Want to learn how to make fake snow?

This tutorial from the Best Ideas for Kids includes 3 ways to do it!

The homemade versions only require 2 ingredients each, and there’s even a reusable store bought version for all my Amazon Prime moms out there.

From sensory bin snow to puffy snow paint, all your fake snow needs are covered.

2. Arctic Habitat Sensory Bin from Fun Learning for Kids

This arctic themed sensory bin includes several ideas for winter sensory fillers, all of which you should be able to find at your local dollar store.

Be careful because some items could be a choking hazard if your little one is still in the mouthing phase.

I love all the winter colors and animals in this one! Perfect way to tie in science if you plan to use it in a classroom.

This post also includes an easy 2 ingredient recipe for homemade “snow”!

3. Edible Snow Dough from Wildflower Ramblings

This snow dough recipe only requires 3 ingredients that you likely already have in your kitchen!

Snow dough is a pretty cool substance. It behaves like, well, snow – loose when left untouched but can be molded to form shapes.

Perfect for working those little fine motor muscles!

Bonus points because it’s edible so if your toddler sneaks a taste you’re good.

4. Diving Penguin Sensory Bin from Views from a Step Stool

I’ve been dying to try a water bead sensory bin for the longest.

My mouthy little girl has kept me waiting due to the choking hazard, but I’m hoping she might finally be ready to give them a try.

This Penguin Sensory Bin is the perfect place to start!

I love the frozen iceberg idea – perfect for winter themed imaginative play!

5. Feed the Snowman from Busy Toddler

Cotton balls, fine motor skills, and a cute but easy DIY “snowman”….

Everything you need for some indoor winter fun!

This Feed the Snowman game is one of those activities that your toddler will keep going back to day after day.

More importantly, it’s one of those activities that doesn’t require going to the store or making a mess.


6. Iceberg Sensory Bin from Color the Moon

Alphabet awareness meets ice cold sensory fun in this iceberg sensory bin!

Exploring arctic animals, sinking and floating, and temperature should keep your toddler entertained for quite some time.

The surprise when the icebergs begin to melt is sure to be a hit!

7. Snowy Snowmen Sensory Bin from Where Imagination Grows

First of all, I love both of the adorable snowman books that are recommended to go along with this sensory bin.

Secondly, when I saw the picture of this bin I thought the filler was shredded coconut.

It’s not, but great idea and now I’m definitely going to try shredded coconut in one of my winter sensory bins.

Anyway. This snowy snowman sensory bin is super cute and a great way to incorporate fine motor skills with learning about parts of the face.

My girl is all about identifying eyes, nose, and mouth right now so I can’t wait to make these with her!

8. Winter Toddler Sensory Bin from My Bored Toddler

Such an easy set-up, with so many benefits in return!

Don’t worry about running to the store for this sensory bin. If you don’t have cotton balls on hand, several other ideas are provided for super easy fake snow.

Practice fine motor skills, build vocabulary, and engage in imaginative play with this easy, low prep winter sensory bin.

Sometimes the simplest activities are the best ones!

9. Hot Chocolate Sensory Bin from Play & Learn Every Day

A winter themed sensory twist on the classic toddler “tea party”!

Beans are one of our favorite sensory items to play with, and if you really want to go above and beyond, this post includes a genius hack for making your sensory beans chocolate scented.

Scooping and pouring beans is soothing and keeps my toddler busy for ages, and the hot chocolate theme makes it perfect for our list of winter sensory bins.

10. Snow Dough from Growing a Jeweled Rose

This snow dough is everything.

You can make it using a few normal household ingredients.

It sparkles and smells like peppermint.

And if you want to go all out, one extra step will make your snow dough as COLD as real snow!

Okay maybe not that cold, but still.

Touch, temperature, smell, sparkly sights – you’re hitting all your sensory bases with this gem!

BONUS: 6 Ways to Make Sensory Snow from PreKinders

Want to keep it simple?

DIY some sensory snow and throw in some scoops.

Really, toddlers love a good scoop and pour. You’ll be shocked at how long they stick with these types of activities.

This post contains 6 different ways to make “snow” for your sensory bin.

Whether you want a ready-made Amazon option, edible snow that’s already hiding in your pantry, or something you can find in your bathroom, there’s something for everyone here!

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What’s your favorite winter sensory bin?

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