11 Festive Christmas Sensory Bins for Toddlers

What better way to get your toddler in the Christmas spirit than with a fun Christmas Sensory Bin?

Our collection of winter sensory bins has been such a hit, we just had to plan some festive Christmas Sensory Bins to play with in December!

New to sensory bins? Below are answers to a few commonly asked questions about sensory bins for toddlers.

If you’re an old pro feel free to skip straight to the list of fun & festive Christmas Sensory Bins!

What are sensory bins for toddlers?

Sensory bins are a collection of simple materials that you can find around your house, placed in a plastic bin for your toddler to explore.

Why do toddlers have sensory bins?

Sensory play is so important to toddler development! Toddlers naturally crave sensory input, so they tend to play with sensory bins longer than they would play with other toys.

What do sensory bins teach?

Through open-ended play, sensory bins naturally encourage essential life skills such as

  • scooping and pouring
  • estimation and measurement
  • understanding cause-and-effect
  • fine and gross motor skills

Why do toddlers need sensory activities?

Toddlers are programmed to explore the world by using their senses. When they play with sensory-based activities such as sensory bins, they learn about the world through experimentation and trial-and-error.

What do you put in a sensory bin for a toddler?

You can most likely find plenty of sensory materials in your kitchen or bathroom! Some popular ones include

  • rice
  • beans
  • cotton balls
  • marshmallows
  • measuring cups
  • spoons
  • water
  • essential oils
  • crinkle paper
  • pom-poms

The possibilities are endless!

Christmas Themed Sensory Bins for Toddlers

Ready for some festive sensory play? Check out our 11 favorite Christmas sensory bins to try this December!

Adult supervision is required for all activities on this website. Some materials may pose a choking hazard. Use good judgement when selecting activities – nobody knows your child better than you!

11 Festive Christmas Sensory Bins Your Toddler Will Love

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