17 Stunning Christmas Crafts for Toddlers & Preschoolers

Nothing against handprint crafts and fingerpaint, but do you ever wish you could make a really beautiful Christmas craft with your toddler?

A preschool Christmas craft that you want to save and display for years to come, instead of hoarding it in a clutter closet because you feel too guilty to throw it out?

If you do, we feel you. And we’re here to help.

After extensive time spent browsing Pinterest and drinking wine doing market research, we’ve come up with what we believe are the most beautiful holiday crafts that are possible to make with toddlers or preschoolers.

It will require your help of course, and your best judgement. If you’re working with a rambunctious 18 month old maybe skip the hot glue gun and sub regular Elmer’s.

But how cool will it be when your Christmas guests compliment your decorations and you get to respond with, “Thanks, Charlie and I made it!”

It’s totally possible, we promise.

You’ll find a range of preschool Christmas crafts on this list, from super easy projects to more intricate crafts that might require a little more of your help.

But all of them are beautiful enough to keep forever.

Ready to make some super pretty DIY Christmas decor with your favorite toddler?

It’s not as hard as you think. Let’s do this!

17 Beautiful Toddler Christmas Crafts You’ll Want to Keep Forever

3D Noodle Christmas Trees from Crafty Morning

Who knew noodles could be so elegant? Let your little one help glue them on a cardboard base to create a pretty Christmas tree centerpiece! When you finish, you can either spray paint it yourself, or let your little one go to town with a paintbrush.

Scrapbook Paper Christmas Wreath from the Moments at Home

If you like to hoard scrapbook paper that you rarely actually use, this one’s for you! Depending on your child’s age, they can help you cut the paper into scraps, or you can cut it ahead of time. Turns out pretty lovely for a wreath made of just paper and glue, right?

Cinnamon Stick Christmas Ornaments from TGIF (This Grandma is Fun!)

First of all, great blog name. (Mom, is that you?) Secondly, aren’t these cinnamon stick ornaments just darling? Perfect fine motor practice for little ones who are learning how to tie. And they’ll make your living room smell amazing!

Burlap Reindeer Garland from Create Craft Love

Who doesn’t love some good farmhouse Christmas decor? These cute burlap reindeer are so easy to make. They include clothespins and pom-poms, two toddler favorites in our house.

Christmas Paper Rolls from the Best Ideas for Kids

I truly never thought I’d include toilet paper rolls on a list of beautiful crafts. But seriously are these not the cutest? This is one of those great crafts that you can differentiate based on your child’s age. Maybe your 4 year old practices using scissors and glue and with your help ends up with some adorable Christmas characters. Or maybe your 18 month old drops the cotton balls inside the toilet paper rolls and babbles while you drink wine and do most of the work, secretly enjoying some quality crafting time. Either way, these are cute AF.

DIY Snowy Mason Jars from InstruPix

So for this one, I’ll let my toddler help with the application of the super pretty and easy to make faux snow, and when it dries and she’s watching Mickey doing a winter sensory bin I’ll quickly hot glue on the greenery for the finishing touch. These snowy mason jars are SO pretty and will look great on your rustic Christmas tablescape!

Cookie Tree Centerpiece from Publix

This edible Christmas tree centerpiece is going to look AMAZING at all your holiday parties. Let your toddler help your roll out the cookie dough, press the cookie cutters, and stack the cookies to make the centerpiece. Look how many essential toddler skills go into this one – and you get to come out looking like supermom AND super baker all at once!

Stained Glass Christmas Trees from Kindercraze

We did it with pumpkins for Halloween, and now that Christmas is here it’s time to make some stained glass Christmas trees! These look amazing on your windows when the sun shines through and they double as both a sticky wall activity and beautiful DIY Christmas decor!

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Tissue Paper Christmas Wreath from Oriental Trading

It’s crazy what your can do with some tissue paper, pom-poms, and a little glue. This tutorial calls for a wooden craft ring but we think this could totally be done on a paper plate. And it has to be the prettiest paper plate craft we’ve seen!

Vintage Truck Popsicle Stick Ornaments from Fun Loving Familes

Oh hey rustic farmhouse Christmas, glad to see you’re back and trendier than ever in 2019! Popsicle stick crafts are perfect for the toddler/preschool crowd, and we especially love the addition of glitter paper in this easy craft. You know, instead of manually sprinkling glitter that you will continue to find around your home well into 2020. But hey, if the glitter sheds, oh well. ‘Tis the season. ‘Tis what it is.

Lollipop Photo Ornament from I Heart Arts ‘n’ Crafts

Another cute enough to save forever popsicle stick craft for ya, featuring your adorable toddler’s face. These ornaments are perfect for gifting or tree decorating and surprisingly easy to make. I’ll probably use glitter paper instead of loose glitter for the reasons listed above, but other than that this is the perfect Christmas DIY for you and your toddler to make together!

Easy DIY Felt Christmas Tree from Live Well Play Together

Felt activities are perfect for toddlers. They are generally not a choking hazard, and felt-on-felt sticks like a sticker, without actually being sticky. (Read: without destroying your house.) It’s like a non-stick sticky wall! Since your toddler can move the ornaments around as they please, this is really an interactive toddler activity that doubles as cute Christmas decor. Want to learn how to make a felt Christmas tree for $1? Check out our Dollar Tree Christmas activities for toddlers!

Laminated Snow Globe Ornaments from Crafty Morning

These personalized picture ornaments are a little more advanced than the lollipop ones above, but so cute! Preschool aged kids could help with the cutting, painting, and gluing. You’ll also need a laminator for this project. If you don’t have one try a layer of clear contact paper instead!

Handprint Reindeer Craft from Simple Everyday Mom

Okay, I know what I said earlier about handprint crafts, but this little reindeer is the cutest thing ever. It’s a NO PAINT handprint craft so you can skip the mess this time. Plus, there is a free printable template for all the pieces to keep everything looking cohesive. Your only responsibility is the tracing of the hand!

Fingerprint Christmas Tree Ornaments from Happy Toddler Club

Fingerprint crafts are great because you can avoid dipping your toddlers entire hand in paint, but the fingerprint still adds a nice personal touch. Using your toddler’s cute little fingerprint to create a string of Christmas lights makes for the perfect Christmas ornament keepsake!

Cinnamon Scented Ornaments from Smart School House

Consider this salt dough on steroids. The glitter. The cinnamon aroma. The potential of adding different essential oils to your ornaments for a perfect sensory process art project. What’s not to love? Gift them, hang them, whatever. We definitely want to make them.

Pom-Poms & Pinecones Christmas Ornaments from One Little Project

By now you should know that toddlers love to play with pom-poms. And what’s cuter than regular pom-pom crafts? Tiny pom-poms glued to pinecones, obviously. Skip the hot glue gun for regular toddler-safe craft glue and have the best time making these perfect rustic ornaments with your little one.

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