11 Easy Thanksgiving Crafts for Toddlers (that are Cute Enough to Display!)

Holidays reach a whole new level of amazing when you have a baby in the family.

When that baby turns into a toddler you level up again.


Because you and that active little tot get to make super cute holiday crafts, of course.

This Thanksgiving celebrate by making one of these adorable Thanksgiving crafts for toddlers!

11 Easy & Adorable Thanksgiving Crafts for Toddlers

Handprint & Footprint Turkey Craft (from A Little Pinch of Perfect): How stinking cute are these hand print and footprint turkeys? This post provides some great tips on how to complete hand print and footprint crafts without making a huge mess!

Turkey Handprint Cut-Out (from Simple Everyday Mom): For when you don’t have time to mess with painting your toddler’s busy little hands. Let’s be honest, most of us dealing with the younger toddler crowd aren’t going to willingly sign ourselves up for that. These turkeys are cute as can be and mess-free. To make it super easy this post even has a free printable turkey template.

Fingerprint Turkey (from The Charmed Mom): If you’re afraid of the full-on handprint and footprint crafts (we don’t blame you) but still want to make a cute and personalized turkey, you might want to try this fingerprint turkey! It’s made entirely of fingerprints and looks adorable. You can make the fingerprints using stamp pads or paint.

Fall Leaf Suncatchers (from The Best Ideas for Kids): How pretty are these festive fall suncatchers? They look amazing hanging in your windows and are so easy to make. You can also turn this into a sticky wall activity for your little ones by taping it to a window. When they are done sticking on the paper just layer another piece of contact paper on top and cut out your leaves! Click over to the post to download the free printable leaf templates.

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Dish Brush Turkey Craft (from Crafty Morning): Turns out there are TONS of different household tools you can paint with, that are more toddler-friendly than your regular old paint brush! This tutorial shows you how to use a dish brush to stamp a pretty pattern of feathers around your turkey. Depending on your toddler’s age you could facilitate this hand-over-hand if needed. The final product is super pretty!

Do-a-Dot Turkey Craft (from The Resourceful Mama): Do-a-Dots are so much fun for toddlers and great for fine motor skills too. Is there potential for ruined clothes and polka dotted walls? Yes. Be diligent, my friends. In my house this is what we call a naked high-chair craft. Sure does turn out cute though!

Sponge Painted Thanksgiving Turkey Craft (from The Resourceful Mama): One more way to paint a turkey! Sponge painting is perfect for toddlers because it works their little finger muscles and also allows them to explore blending colors together.

Sensory Leaf Painting (from Kids Craft Room): Have you tried smush painting? This is one of my favorite ways to create art with a toddler. Why? Because there is literally no mess involved and the end product looks so pretty! Also, fine motor skills, color awareness, and sensory play. I personally like to add a piece of cardstock into the bag with the paint for a canvas, but you could totally just squish the paint around in the bag as described in this post.

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Turkey Handprint Craft With Card (from The Best Ideas for Kids): This sweet little turkey craft doubles as a greeting card. There is even a sweet Thanksgiving poem to write inside. Perfect to gift your Thanksgiving dinner guests!

Easy Marbled Fall Leaves (from I Heart Arts n Crafts): Wouldn’t these look perfect scattered along your Thanksgiving tablescape? Your toddler will love helping you complete this beautiful sensory shaving cream craft! Sensory play and Thanksgiving decor all at once – you rock!

Cork Painted Autumn Tree (from The Picky Apple): Let’s be honest, the most beautiful part of this craft is that the paint is stamped on using your leftover wine corks. What’s that? You haven’t been saving wine corks? Guess we know what you’re doing tonight. You’re welcome. Pro Tip: Champagne corks have a little knob on top that is perfect for little fingers to hold on to. You’re welcome again.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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