7 Simple & Festive Christmas Activities for Toddlers (from Dollar Tree!)

You know that feeling when you walk into the Dollar Tree for one quick thing and then you’re bombarded by new, fully-stocked, floor-to-ceiling Christmas galore?

That just happened.

For less than $20, I left the store with SEVEN different engaging Christmas activities for my toddler to enjoy!

7 Easy Christmas Activities for Toddlers (that you can buy at the Dollar Tree!)

Please note that some of these activities contain materials that could pose a choking hazard. Use your own discretion. Adult supervision is required for all activities on this website.

Ornament Pom-Pom Push

Materials Needed:

  • 1 pack Christmas pom-poms
  • 1 pack clear plastic ball ornaments (comes with 2 ornaments)

I loved this one so much I wrote a post about it! It’s super simple – grab some clear plastic ball ornaments and pretty Christmas pom-poms. The ones we got had some sparkly tinsel on them.

Have your toddler push the pom-poms into the ornament through the little opening on top. This requires some concentration and fine motor skills!

The pom-poms are all different sizes so some are harder to push through than others.

My 19 month old LOVED this activity and successfully made her first two Christmas ornaments!

Christmas Stamps

Materials Needed:

  • 8 pack of Christmas stamps
  • paper

These cute red and green stamps include a Christmas tree, a snowman, a raindeer, a vintage red pick-up truck, and other cute Christmas designs.

Their shape is perfect for little hands to grab!

My daughter had just as much fun taking the tops off the stamps and putting them back on as she did stamping!

Felt Christmas Tree

Materials Needed:

  • Felt Ornament Kit

Have you seen those cute DIY felt Christmas trees that have been floating around Pinterest?

The idea is that your toddler can safely stick felt ornaments to a large tree shaped piece of felt that you secure to a wall, instead of messing with your real Christmas tree. Felt naturally sticks to felt so no adhesive is required.

Cute idea, but buying a large piece of felt and cutting it into a Christmas tree seems like a lot of effort when you can BUY IT AT THE DOLLAR TREE FOR $1.

SCORE. I was so excited about this find!

The felt tree decorations come in the kit and include little red, white, and green buttons, a white snowflake star to stick on top, and some red felt “garland”.

If you want to add some sparkle to it, grab an extra pack of the tinsel Christmas pom-poms used in the Ornament Pom-Pom push above. They stick to the felt tree perfectly and make it look a lot cuter!

Related: If you want to DIY a larger felt Christmas tree, learn how in this post on 17 Stunning Christmas Crafts for Toddlers!

Foam Snowflake Stickers

Materials Needed:

  • 1 pack of foam snowflakes
  • Christmas stickers

Decorate some foam snowflakes with pretty Christmas stickers and hang them around the house for some simple DIY toddler Christmas decor!

Stickers are great for hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

If you have a younger toddler who struggles to peel the stickers off, get them started by peeling up a corner of each sticker before handing them the sheet.

Easy & festive toddler fun!

3D Floral Foam Christmas Tree

Materials Needed

  • cone shaped floral foam
  • festive artificial flowers & greenery

I saw these cone shaped foam pieces in the floral section of the Dollar Tree. I’m not sure if they’re meant to be Christmas trees but my first thought was, how cute would this look with Christmasy flowers stuck around it?

Pick out some festive artificial flowers and branches, and let your toddler stick them into the foam. (You’ll need to pull or cut them apart first so that the stems are short enough.)

Pushing the stems into the foam is a great fine motor workout for little fingers. Plus when they finish, you’ll have a cute floral centerpiece for Christmas dinner!

Jingle Jar Ornament

Materials Needed:

  • 1 pack jingle bells
  • clear plastic mason jar ornament

You know toddlers love to make some noise! Shake up some jingle bells in these cute mason jar ornaments.

Let your toddler drop the bells one by one into the ornament. Feel free to add pom-poms, festive tissue paper strips, or anything else can find to add some color (and eliminate some of the noise)!

Mini Christmas Gift Color Sort

Materials Needed:

  • miniature decorative Christmas gifts
  • bowls or containers for sorting

You know those miniature Christmas presents that are really just pieces of foam wrapped in shiny paper?

I was never really sure what those were for.

Now I know. You put them in a sensory bin and let your toddler sort them by color, of course!

A while back I found this cute vegetable serving tray at the Dollar Tree that is perfect for color sorts (see it here in our Scoop and Transfer Color Sort).

IKEA also sells little colored plastic bowls that are perfect for sorting by color!

Dollar Tree Christmas Activities for Toddlers

Well my friends, I could have stayed at the Dollar Tree all day and probably come up with 20 more ideas for Christmas activities, but my toddler was screaming at me and trying to jump out of the cart, so 7 it is.

Want More Christmas Activities for Toddlers?

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