Christmas Ornament Pom-Pom Push (a fine motor craftivity for toddlers!)

We happened to stop by the Dollar Tree on the day after Halloween to grab “just a few things.”


The day after Halloween is when ALL THE CHRISTMAS THINGS get put out and EVERYTHING is fully stocked.

So I left with TONS of festive materials for my 19 month old to use in some fun Christmas Craftivities!

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But our favorite was this Christmas Ornament Pom-Pom push!

For $2 your toddler can make these adorable sparkly Christmas ornaments in this engaging holiday craftivity!

How to Make Pom-Pom Push Christmas Ornaments

Warning: Pom-poms can pose a choking hazard to toddlers who put things in their mouths. Use at your own discretion. All activities on this website require adult supervision.

DIY Christmas ornaments are the perfect craft for you and your toddler to do together.

They make great sentimental gifts for family members and you can hang them on your tree year after year.

These ornaments, however, do not require paint or clay, and they are so simple your toddler can pretty much do them independently (with supervision of course)!

Materials Needed:

  • clear plastic ornaments (they come in a 2-pack)
  • Christmas tinsel pom-poms (1 pack was enough for 2 ornaments)

Making the Ornaments:

STEP 1) Remove the silver tops from the ornaments and put them somewhere out of your toddler’s reach.

STEP 2) Lay out the pom-poms and show your toddler the ornament. Demonstrate how to push the pom-poms through the hole at the top.

STEP 3) At this point your toddler will be dying to get his or her little hands on this – hand it over and let them go to town!

My daughter LOVED this activity and worked on it for quite awhile. She did get a little frustrated with some of the larger pom-poms that were harder to fit through the hole. I helped her push those through. If you want you could remove the extra-large pom-poms altogether – I think there were only 4 or 5 of them.

The good news is that once the pom-poms are in the ornament, they pretty much stay in there. So try as your toddler might to shake them out, this activity is pretty much mess-free!

I am pretty pleased with how these ornaments turned out considering how cheap and easy they were to make. The tinsel ads a nice sparkle to them when the Christmas lights hit them. Simple and beautiful!

Will you make ornaments with your toddler this year?

If so, be sure to check out our Fingerprint Christmas Ornaments! They require a little more effort but turn out SO cute!

Whichever ornaments you decide to make, we want to see them! Share your favorite DIY kids’ ornaments on Instagram and tag @happytoddlerclub using the hashtag #happytoddlerclub!

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