Easy Tissue Paper Pumpkin Craft

No mess toddler Halloween craft, anyone?

If you’re like me, you are all for getting into the Halloween spirit with a spooky craft, but the idea of allowing your toddler to use things like glue and paint is not the type of scare you are going for.

Not to worry, my friend. All you’ll need for this one is some tissue paper and contact paper.

Does your toddler love ripping and crumpling paper? No way, mine too! She can waste an entire roll of toilet paper in the time it takes me to brush my teeth!

So ripping up tissue paper for this cute pumpkin will be quite the treat.

And no tricks here – using contact paper instead of glue really saves you from a lot of mess!

Alright, so pull some orange tissue paper out of an old gift bag, grab your roll of contact paper, and let’s get spooky!

Tissue Paper Pumpkin Contact Paper Craft


  • tissue paper (orange and green or brown)
  • contact paper (clear or white)


STEP 1) Cut a pumpkin shape out of your contact paper.

STEP 2) Tape it down to your toddler’s work surface of choice – floor, table, wall, wherever. Just make sure to tape it down securely, sticky side up. Remove the backing.

STEP 3) Give child tissue paper. You could cut it into small squares for them, or demonstrate how to rip it into tiny pieces, crumple it up, and stick it onto the pumpkin shape. (It won’t take much instruction on your part. Toddlers are natural experts at tearing and crumpling things.)

STEP 4) Add some brown or green tissue paper to the stem. We used brown construction paper.

Sip your coffee and pat yourself on the back because your kid is building fine motor skills and working their creative little brain all while having fun. You rock.

One last trick for you to treat yourself to…

Want to make this pumpkin craft double as Halloween decor?

Use clear contact paper instead of white and tape it to your front window. Let your toddler add the tissue paper as described above.

On Halloween night, shine a light behind your pumpkin. From the outside your little trick or treaters will see a glowing pumpkin!

Look, your clever toddler just did the Halloween decor for you! Must have really brilliant parents to be so smart!

Happy Halloween!

Our Finished Tissue Paper Pumpkin

Contact Paper Halloween Craft for Toddlers

We used clear contact paper for ours and stuck it to the window of the back door, next to our Fall Leaf Sticky Wall.

It looks super cute and entertained my 18 month old and her 3 year old cousin for quite a while!

If you want to be fancy, you can layer a piece of clear contact paper over the the pumpkin when you are done, sticky side down. This holds the tissue paper in place and allows you to remove the tape.

I personally left the ugly blue painter’s tape on mine because I had to go save my toddler from diving off furniture and breaking a limb.

Might fix it later, might not.

You could also cute out little eyes and a mouth using black construction paper and stick those on first, if you want to make a Jack-o-lantern.

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