Toddler Summer Bucket List (Free Printable Checklist!)

102 Awesome Summer Activities for Toddlers

The toddler years are so much fun, and summertime with a toddler makes for some especially memorable summer activities!

Toddlers are so curious about everything and have the most beautiful ability to find joy in the smallest things.

Want to channel that never-ending supply of energy into exploration and discovery? What better time to do that than summer?

As your sweet baby develops into a walking, talking, opinionated little human, treasure these moments of learning and curiosity with a TODDLER FRIENDLY summer bucket list!

This summer bucket list for toddlers is filled with carefully selected, toddler-safe activities that will provide you and your little human with some good educational fun all summer long!

Want to print your Toddler Summer Bucket List? You can find a free printable version at the bottom of this post!

Toddler Summer Bucket List

Many of these toddler summer activities link to instructions, so be sure to pin this post so you can come back to it when you are ready for the next activity!

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Outdoor Summer Activities for Toddlers

  1. Make homemade popsicles and eat them outside. Watch them melt in the hot sun!
  2. Run through a sprinkler.
  3. Go swimming!
  4. Play at the water table (if you don’t have one you can make your own water table!)
  5. Color in the driveway with non-toxic sidewalk chalk.
  6. Build a sand castle at the beach (or in a sandbox!).
  7. Make an ice sensory bin and play with it outside
  8. Blow giant bubbles using a hoola hoop
  9. Watch fireworks on the Fourth of July
  10. Make homemade ice cream in a bag
  11. Fly a kite
  12. Raise caterpillars into butterflies then set them free!
  13. Buy a treat from the ice cream truck
  14. Make an outdoor water obstacle course
  15. Visit a splash pad
  16. Catch lightning bugs in a jar
  17. Have a picnic
  18. Create a backyard play garden
  19. Plant flowers and water them
  20. Go for a tricycle ride
  21. Make DIY toddler-safe sidewalk chalk paint and paint the sidewalk or rocks
  22. Practice kicking a ball back and forth to develop gross motor skills
  23. Pick flowers
  24. Go for a nature walk
  25. Find seashells at the beach (or pretty rocks on a walk!)
  26. Feed the ducks at the pond
  27. Stay up late to gaze at the stars
  28. Dance to live music outside
  29. Play in a summer rain shower
  30. Make easy “less mess” tie dyed shirts using a non-toxic squeeze bottle kit
  31. Play hide & seek
  32. Kiddie pool fishing
  33. Play parachute outside
  34. Read books outside
  35. Use paint brushes and plain old water for mess free “painting” in the driveway
  36. Soda bottle glow stick bowling at night
  37. Make colored ice blocks and build an ice tower outside, then watch it melt!
  38. Wash the car together
  39. Plan an outing with a toddler friend
  40. Attend an outdoor movie
  41. Grow your own veggies and eat them
  42. Ride in the car with the windows down
  43. Have a summer photo shoot
  44. Catch a frog
  45. Lay in a hammock together
  46. Ride a ferry
  47. Wish on a dandelion
  48. Find a starfish
  49. Meet a new friend
  50. Splash in the ocean
  51. Make spray bottle graffiti paintings outside
  52. Eat breakfast outside and watch the sun rise
  53. Go for a sunset walk on the beach
  54. Create a sticky nature mural outside
  55. Visit the farmer’s market
  56. Go strawberry picking
  57. Feed the animals at the petting zoo
  58. Go on a ride at the fair
  59. Visit a new playground
  60. Go to the zoo
  61. Watch a parade
  62. Explore a new town

Indoor Summer Activities for Toddlers

  1. Take a first day of summer and last day of summer picture
  2. Choose a toddler friendly father’s day craft and make it for dad
  3. Make homemade taste safe play-dough
  4. Create a summer scene using summer play dough mats
  5. Do a 4th of July craft
  6. Make toddler safe cloud dough
  7. Do a fine motor wall activity
  8. Make a summer themed sensory bin
  9. Have a nighttime bubble dance party complete with a light-up bubble machine
  10. Complete a mommy & me workout video
  11. Make busy bags to bring on a road trip
  12. Cook an easy toddler friendly recipe together
  13. Make summer themed sensory bottles like these ocean themed sensory bottles
  14. Build a “tent” and pretend to go camping inside
  15. Finger paint using DIY taste safe finger paint
  16. Eat snow cones
  17. Grow sponge animals
  18. Make lemonade together
  19. Grow Lima beans
  20. Have a boat race in your kiddie pool
  21. Make yummy hidden veggie smoothies
  22. Make suncatchers to hang in the window
  23. Do a summer handprint craft
  24. Make easy rainbow bubble foam
  25. Make a summer scrapbook
  26. Bake and decorate cookies together
  27. Make a bird feeder together and hang it near a window to watch the birds
  28. Eat watermelon
  29. Make homemade musical instruments using household items
  30. Make s’mores
  31. Have a rainy day tea party
  32. Make a ball pit at home
  33. Make a homemade pizza
  34. Visit a toddler friendly children’s museum
  35. Attend storytime at a new library
  36. Go to a Gymboree class or a toddler yoga class
  37. Visit relatives (or at least FaceTime them!)
  38. Take a trip to the aquarium
  39. Explore hot & cold temperatures by making these sensory water bottles
  40. Make fireworks in a jar

What’s on your toddler’s summer bucket list? If you have a great activity idea, comment below so I can add it to the list!

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